Alexis MacDonald, Shoe Designer

Photo: Jake Chessum

What are you doing today?
I’m meeting my friend Anastasia for lunch at Cafe Gitane. She actually just knit me this hat. Pretty great, right?

Where did you get the rest of the outfit?
It’s a Rick Owens leather jacket and these great Repetto for Comme des Garçons shoes. An H&M dress, my great-grandmother’s ring, and the bag is an Yves Saint Laurent Muse bag. And the cardigan is Topshop, which is my favorite store right now.

Do you wear the shoes you design?
Sometimes. Right now I’m doing this line for Richard Tyler. I’d say it’s modern and wearable. It’s definitely fashion-forward stuff, but I’m really into Repetto’s ballet flats.

Can you tell a lot about someone from the shoes?
Definitely. Accessories speak volumes. Whenever I meet my salespeople, I look at their shoes and I can tell if we’re going to mesh.

Do people stare at your feet?
My boyfriend always says that people stare at my feet. I try not to think about it.

Do you shop a lot?
All the time. Not every day, but at least once a week. I love A.P.C., Balenciaga, and Rick Owens in Paris. And I really love this new store in the East Village called Poppet.

What shoes do you dislike?
I hate clunky shoes. A lot of people wear Campers, for instance. They’re, let’s just say, a little clunkier. I like shoes with nice slim lasts. It’s more flattering. But winter’s coming!

Do you have cold-weather shoe advice?
I know boots are tough: There’s not a million choices out there—but don’t wear Uggs. They’re not the only warm shoes in the world! Why not just an extra pair of socks and funk out your style a little more? I would say go for a combat-type look or for Beatle boots, which are ankle-high flat boots and sort of mod.

Do you have style icons?
I’m not really into celebrities. I really love Camilla Nickerson’s style. She has fabulous style. She’s very important.

Alexis MacDonald, Shoe Designer