Eric Harvey Brown, Art Production Designer

Photo: Jake Chessum

Why the facial hair?
Here’s the thing. A few years ago, I went to this part of New Zealand that was really rural and I grew a giant beard. When I got back to civilization, I e-mailed a picture of myself to my friends and said, “Figure out how I should cut this and I’ll buy you dinner.” This was the winning design. It gets me a lot of attention, and the ladies tend to like it. What I really want is to win a beard competition, and then cut it off.

Can you describe your style?
Like what I wear and how I hold myself and stuff? I shop infrequently, but when I do, it’s at thrift stores and stuff, like an adventure. I got this coat at a weekend swap meet on Avenue A.

Do you live in the East Village?
No, Jersey City, which I liked more a while ago because I felt more like a maverick and a pioneer, and now I just feel like a hipster. It’s definitely Williamsburgizing. There are all these fashion-conscious people coming and new businesses coming to cater to them, which is not terribly exciting. But there are new bars opening, and I do like that.

What are you doing in Times Square?
I’m dropping off a proposal to an arts organization. I did this project with seventeen people called “The Accumulation Project,” and we need a grant so we can have a show.

Eric Harvey Brown, Art Production Designer