Dorcas Meyers, Executive Assistant and Hair Model

Photo: Jake Chessum

You have an odd combination of jobs.
Well, I’m an executive assistant to one of the partners at Heidrick & Struggles. We’re one of the top executive consulting firms. We do searches for high-profile companies like Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. And then on the side I do hair modeling for Thando Kafele. He does dreadlocks, and it gets me in the magazines. I’ve been in Braids & Beauty several times.

Are you hair modeling right now?
This is a weave, a hair weave. It was done compliments of Vicki at King of Kings on Staten Island. Having this hair allows my alter ego to come out.

Your alter ego?
Her name is Gwenevere. She’s free. She’s loving, as Dorcas is, but she has fun.

Does the Afro go with the rest of your style?
It’s funky, but it allows me to remain professional, because I do work on Wall Street. I’m a professional but still have that edge.

Do you ever wear jeans?
My sister encouraged me, so now I really get funky with those jeans. I got a pair by Arden B., and they’re low riders, so I even got a belly ring. I’m thinking about a tattoo.

Do you get hit on at work?
I actually get hit on mostly by the younger guys at the gym. But I’m into older men. That’s my thing. I keep it friendly, and I have a few friends who I hold dear to my heart. There are two particular Scorpion men, in fact. The Scorpions can definitely get to my head.

Dorcas Meyers, Executive Assistant and Hair Model