Pascal Legrand, Retailer, With Thaïs, Kindergartner, and Gia, 2-year-old

Photo: Jake Chessum

Do you like jewelry?
Thaïs: I have only three bracelets. For one, you can make a wish, and when it breaks the wish comes true, but you can’t tell anybody. The other one has a heart with diamonds on it, and also a rose. And the other one has a pirate head and beads. I like them. Gia has only one bracelet. It’s a golden bracelet from when she was born.

Do you help your sister get dressed?
I put on her shoes and her pants. But her stockings are too hard for me, so my grandpa helps her, or my mom.

Do you have favorite clothes?
Skirts, because I like them. And clothes that are red and pink. I like to wear my own clothes instead of my uniform because they have more colors on them.

Photo: Jake Chessum

What is your style?
Pascal: I won’t say I’m conservative because I am not conservative, but I try to be—how to explain in English?—sporty chic? Do you know this?

Yes, but would you rather say it in French?
Pascal: En Français? I don’t know how to say exactly. But I love to shop in Paul Smith. And my little girls—do you know the movie Eloise? Eloise at the Plaza. That is how my girls dress. My wife puts them always in Bonpoint. It’s kind of Versailles-looking. You know Versailles? It is this type of look.

What language do you speak at home?
Pascal: I am from Paris, and my wife, she is from Santo Domingo. My daughters are from New York. So we speak French and Spanish at home.
Thaïs: And a little bit of Italian.

Pascal Legrand, Retailer, With Thaïs, Kindergartn […]