Calling All Superheroes

Photo: Jake Chessum

Chris and Niki Notarile, Filmmaker and Actress, as Blue Beetle and Catwoman

Did you get into costumes before or after you got married?
We got into it together. We met and said, let’s make a superhero movie together.

Do you wear your costumes at home?
Kinda sorta, yeah. I’m always like, “Babe, put the catsuit on.” And she does. But she likes to see me out of the Beetle costume, if you know what I mean.

How did you pick these costumes?
A little over a year ago, DC Comics killed the Blue Beetle. They shot him in the head. Executed him. I decided to do a one-man crusade and bring him back. We like to maintain our personalities even when we’re in costume. Catwoman is very sexy and sensual, and Blue Beetle is funny and outgoing. And that’s what we’re really like.

Photo: Jake Chessum

Katherine Odom, Salesclerk, as manga character Sandra Green

What do you do?
I’m a salesclerk.

What do you sell?
Deli meat.

Photo: Jake Chessum

Thomas Hannigan, Graphic Designer, as “Darth Dra’Kaz”

Are there any girl Jedis?
Oh, yes.

Any Jedi-Jedi love?
Not as of yet, but I would say the potential is there.

Brandy the Wonder Dog, dressed by owner Deb Furphy

Does Brandy like dressing up?
Brandy’s a seizure-alert dog, so people don’t usually approach her, but when she’s in costume, her service-dog vest is covered up so she gets lots of attention.

Photo: Jake Chessum

Jessica Jackson, Student, as Indiana Jones

What’s more important in a costume: accuracy or effect?
I’ve seen some really accurate costumes, but they won’t have the pose down and it ruins the whole thing. Effect is everything.

Andrew Falkenhainer, Student, as Robin

Why Robin?
I’ve wanted to be him since I was a little kid. If I say it’s the tights, does that sound weird? I never wanted to be Batman; I just wanted to hang out with Batman, you know?

Photo: Jake Chessum

Janice Su, Student

Who’s the doll?
He’s an Asian ball-jointed doll made by a company called Cerberus Projects. He’s made from polyurethane resin, which is really strong and really expensive. It took me three years to save up for him. He cost $550 plus $60 for shipping, and his wig was $30. But he’s totally worth every penny.

Do you always dress alike?
The thing is, their outfits cost more than clothing for humans, and I can’t afford to buy my doll a $40 shirt and a $50 pair of pants, so I was like, I’m just going to make clothing. I did the pants with scissors and pins and whatever, and then I made us the sweatshirts.

Do you take him everywhere?
I bring him to the movies, and sometimes when I go out to eat with my friends. I bring him to school, but that’s dangerous because I don’t want to tell people how much he’s worth, because they’d run off with him. And if he were to break on me, I’d be devastated.

Calling All Superheroes