Derick Holt, Graphic Designer

Photo: Jake Chessum

What is this look?
It’s sort of retro because me and my wife shop thrift shops. Somebody said Caddyshack, and I like the sound of that. I get Starsky & Hutch a lot, too. And actually, a lot of people think I have some seventies porn thing going on.

What does your wife think?
She loves the mustache most. I keep threatening to shave it off, but she makes me keep it.

Any big summer plans?
Going out to Grandma’s house in the country to do some tie-dyeing. I’ve always liked tie-dye. I saw this guy with a dip-dye polo that looked real tight, and that’s my inspiration. I’m going to be working on a classier tie-dye look.

Anything else?
I’m going on a sailing trip in Annapolis, Maryland, and I’m going to Mexico with the wife. It’s our anniversary, one year.

How’s married life?
Married life is good. I like that it’s very stable and you can plan for the future. If you’re just a bachelor, you’re just living for the moment, but when you get married, you’re working toward something.

What did you wear to your wedding?
I wore a suit by Original Penguin. It was a plaid number, and I wore a pink bow tie. It looked pretty fresh.

And your wife?
J.Crew, maybe? I don’t know. I totally forget.

Derick Holt, Graphic Designer