Diane Vasil, Photographer, and Audrey

Photo: Jake Chessum

How old is your daughter?
She’s 15 months.

Does she like being dressed up?
Yes. She loves it. She loves to put on jewelry, and she absolutely adores wearing hats. She loves to look at herself in reflections. But maybe I’m just pushing it on her—it’s really fun having a little doll!

Do you like dressing her up?
I think I’m living vicariously through her right now. Cute clothes for kids are so cheap and cute clothes for moms are so expensive! And also, when it comes to dressing myself, being a mother just really changes things.

Changes things how?
I feel like I can’t dress the way I used to now that I’m a mom. I definitely used to be a little bit more crazy with my style. Now it’s like, am I comfortable and can I get my boob out? I’ll never be a sweatpants mom, but I’m definitely less experimental and more about pieces that are easy.

Do you shop often for Audrey?
I’m absolutely insane about it. I go on eBay a lot for vintage children’s clothes. She already has an amazing collection of vintage dresses. I love Sons+Daughters in the East Village, Flora and Henri, and Old Navy is actually amazing for babies. I mean, you don’t want your kid in a whole Old Navy outfit, but you can mix it up. I already have things for her for when she’s 5 years old. They’re all in Tupperware in our storage space. My husband’s like, what are you doing?

Diane Vasil, Photographer, and Audrey