Caleb McDonald, Casting and Production Coordinator

Photo: Jake Chessum

What do you do?
I work for Mr. Patrick Duffy, an event planner. He does a lot of over-the-top, opulent events.

What is this look?
A moniker that was given to me by Michael Musto, who is a good friend, is Oliver Twisted. I tend to do a schoolboy-orphan look, with maybe a touch of Hermès.

How did you achieve “Oliver Twisted”?
I grew up in the Middle East, which had an influence on my style and on my disposition toward life. When I was 18, I started working at Ralph Lauren and got interested in men’s clothiers. I have a neckwear collection of probably 500 pieces. Men have so few accessories to play with. There’s really just neckery, hats, and socks.

How did the Middle East affect you?
People overseas tend to be more free and laissez-faire about one’s aesthetic. It’s made me more carefree.

Why did you live there?
My father was a Navy seal.

Did you ever want to join the military?
No, not at all. I lucked out; he never wanted me to join the military, either. But I will say this: I do love military tailoring. I have some amazing peacoats, and I have his little white hat.

Caleb McDonald, Casting and Production Coordinator