Steven Gutierrez and Anthony James, Students

Photo: Jake Chessum

What is this look?
STEVEN: I don’t know. I mix. I match. It’s punk. It’s Japanese. I get most of my ideas from Gwen Stefani. She can do no wrong in my eyes. I have a Harajuku Lovers sweatshirt, I have her fragrances and lotions.

How did you pick out your outfit?
ANTHONY: I was thinking about safari this morning. For no particular reason. I figured the hat matches the pant and I’m feeling safari. I try to go for a theme most days. Like I’ll be a pilot or an animal. It comes natural to me. I can’t really explain how I figure it out.

How do you know each other?
STEVEN: We met each other a couple of years ago at the community center down in the Village. He was my first friend in New York. He definitely looks up to me with the whole outfits thing. He’s always looking for approval.

Where are you from?
STEVEN: I’m from Orange County, California.
ANTHONY: I’m originally from New Jersey. It’s very quiet. Have you ever been on a road at night and there’s no light? It’s like that.

And do you like New York?
ANTHONY: When you’re living in a suburb, you’re having big-city dreams. So I picked up and moved here and hoped everything would be all right, and it is. I mean, it could be better. My dreams of becoming a model are not going as fast as I’d hoped.

Where did you get your outfits?
STEVEN: All over, but my boyfriend got me the bag. I think he got it on Fifth Avenue.

Is he into fashion?
STEVEN: He’s very Ralph Lauren. He’s more like a gentleman kind of type. He’s very country club. He’s a golf instructor somewhere. Orlando, maybe? I don’t know. I don’t talk to him much about it.

Steven Gutierrez and Anthony James, Students