Paul Hughes, Art Dealer, and Son Kean, Student

Photo: Jake Chessum

What do you do?
PAUL: I’m an art dealer, mostly in London.
KEAN: Officially, I’m a student in Bristol, but that’s the boring bit. I spend most of the time working for myself, dealing art. It has proven more lucrative than the ordinary Saturday jobs most of my friends have.

How do you describe your style?
PAUL: It’s kind of a mix between a horse dealer in fifties Ireland and a Notting Hill-billy.
KEAN: I think it can be said that I have drifted into a British-born cult style called “indie.”

Who’s well dressed in the New York art world?
PAUL: The guy from the Warhol Foundation, Tim Hunt, has to be the best-dressed guy we know.
KEAN: He’s not young like me, but I admire his eccentric approach to classic British couture.

Do you learn about style from each other?
KEAN: My dad’s very eccentric, but in a civilized way. You’ll never believe it, but he’s never had a pair of jeans in his whole life. He thinks they’re common.
PAUL: He obviously doesn’t listen.

Paul Hughes, Art Dealer, and Son Kean, Student