Jared Madere, Artist

Is there a relationship between your art and your style?
Lately I’ve been working on clothing that I view as sculpture. I haven’t finished very many, but they’re informal, crude-looking paintings with thick, gloppy paint on them.

What are they like?
They’re deconstructed clothes that I’m gluing rocks and printer cartridges on and taking apart and putting back together. Rocks are really important to me. And certain glues and tapes are important in phenomenological ways. I will be wearing them, and they are also for other people to wear.

So what are you wearing here?
I’m really into conservative dress shirts. This one is Comme des Garçons, and I like to wear a hat on the top of my head because it accentuates the verticalness of everything.

How did you get so into clothes?
My godfather, who is a very fashionable fellow, would take me into Comme des Garçons when I was really young. That was when I first thought, Wow. Fashion is fantastic. It is not so far a leap from Star Wars for a 10-year-old.

Are you still into Star Wars?
No. The idea of dedicating my life to this super-specific mythology doesn’t strike me as interesting.

Jared Madere, Artist