Scott Speedman, Actor, and Mary Speedman, Mother

Photo: Glenn Glasser

What are you up to?
SCOTT: My mom wanted to come visit; it was just her birthday, so she willed a visit to happen. We had some good meals, we went to see Gypsy.

Are you close?
SCOTT: Oh yeah, we really are. She was a major athlete, like an international runner, and I was a runner and a swimmer, so we’ve always related really well on that level.

How often do you speak?
MARY: I insist on at least once a week, even if it’s just for two minutes.
SCOTT: I think the older you get, the whole mother/child thing sort of goes out the window and you become more like friends.

What do you think of Scott’s look?
MARY: I don’t love scruff. What I want is just that he dress for the occasion, wear a suit when it’s appropriate. I don’t care if he’s casual, as long as he’s clean.
SCOTT: My mom is a pretty prim and proper lady, and she always thinks I dress like a bum.

What’s your favorite of his work?
MARY: He kills me if I say Felicity, but I just loved him in that! I just went to see him in Underworld, and I enjoyed that, too. It’s a very exciting lifestyle, but it’s very different from mine. I’m retired now, but I was a teacher in Toronto.

Do you get recognized a lot in New York?
SCOTT: Yeah. People yell out “Felicity!” and I always turn around like an idiot.

Scott Speedman, Actor, and Mary Speedman, Mother