Emma Bracy, NYU Student and SAT Tutor, and Kevin Khuong, Columbia Student and SAT Tutor

Photo: Glenn Glasser

Where do you tutor?
EMMA: In Staten Island. We go every weekend. It’s really far away.

What do the kids think of you?
KEVIN: They tell me I look like a pirate a lot of the time. I take it as a compliment.
EMMA: All the boys wear velour tracksuits, which is funny. They think of us as, like, weird Manhattan people. They like to ask me about my nose piercing: “What else do you have pierced?”

What did you get on your SATs?
KEVIN: I got a perfect score.

That’s awesome!
KEVIN: I don’t ever bring it up. Because I’m sorry, but if someone brought up their SAT score with me four years after the fact, I’d judge them for it.

How much time do you guys spend together?
EMMA: I see him about five times a week.

So it’s kind of like you’re dating … but not?
EMMA: It’s actually terrible, because we both have the same taste in men. And we do fight over them sometimes.

Isn’t it pretty clear who the guy is going to like?
EMMA: Yes, most of the time. But right now we’re actually having an issue …

With a gay guy or a straight guy?
EMMA: The guy is out as a gay man, but extremely, extremely ambiguous and very much a tease to both of us, so, you know.

Would Kevin care if you hooked up with him?
EMMA: Yes. He would be really mad at me.
KEVIN: No comment.

Emma Bracy, NYU Student and SAT Tutor, and Kevin […]