Alexander Weiss, Painter, Khadda Madani, Boutique Owner and Designer, and Their Son, Haytham

Photo: Glenn Glasser

You don’t look American.
ALEXANDER: I’m from Germany, and my wife is from France. But we met in New York. We both had lived here for ten years already. We got together and decided to make this little boy.
KHADDA: You know how life is. We found ourselves in each other, and God is so beautiful that we got a little baby. I wish I could have ten.

Who’s the stylish one in the family?
ALEXANDER: My wife mainly wears her own designs. She also dresses Haytham. He loves Mickey Mouse.

What does Haytham mean?
ALEXANDER: Khadda’s family is from Algeria, and it’s an old Arabic name that means “little falcon.” It’s also the name of a scientist who lived in the Middle Ages and wrote books about optics. Everything to do with light appeals to me.
KHADDA: My son, my son is so amazing. It’s a different dimension. You know, my husband and I created him. Isn’t he adorable? He loves soccer. I am telling you, this guy, even when he sees adults playing, he runs and grabs the ball and says, “This is mine!” Everything is his. He is 2 years old.

Alexander Weiss, Painter, Khadda Madani, Boutique […]