Renee Dorski, Massage Therapist

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Of course, I have to ask you about your tattoos.
The black-and-gray one is a hand-poke Japanese tattoo, and the other one is a mix of traditional Japanese and American styles.

Hand-poke? Sounds painful.
It’s a long pole that the tattoo artist uses, by hand, to apply the tattoo. It takes a lot longer but doesn’t really hurt more than getting an electric tattoo.

Do people approach you about them a lot?
Unfortunately, yes. They draw a lot of attention. I work at the Mandarin Oriental, and it’s pretty conservative, so none of my clients ever sees the tattoos. It’s my little secret.

How about on the street?
I attract the crazy people. Also, people expose themselves to me.

I was at a fashion show in Bryant Park, and this woman—I don’t want to say her name, but she’s a pretty big fashion editor— she basically pulled her pants down and showed me one on her ass cheek.

Are you drawn to other people with tattoos?
Yes. My boyfriend is a tattoo artist. He’s pretty much covered in them.

Has he given you one?
He refuses to. He says he doesn’t want to take his work home with him.

Renee Dorski, Massage Therapist