Colin Donahue, Set Designer and Bar Owner

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Has anyone ever told you that you look sort of … biblical?
Yeah, the Jesus reference. I get it a lot.

How do you feel about it?
I don’t know. Either, or. It seems pretty straightforward—long hair, beard, and blue eyes. It’s amazing how many people are drawn to letting me know. Whether it’s yelling out of a cab or whatever.

Are you religious?
No. I think Jesus himself is pretty amazing. But I’m not religious.

You don’t really look like a New Yorker.
I actually live in California. I’m just here helping open a bar in which I’m a partner. It’s called White Star, it’s Sasha Petraske’s new place in Chinatown. I’m a set designer, so I was working on the design.

Were you born in California?
Actually, I am an Iowan. I lived there until I was 18. Iowa’s magical. It’s small enough so that you’re going to talk to your neighbor, but it’s large enough that you’re not completely naïve to the perils of the world.

So, your beard. How long have you had it?
About nine years now.

Do you remember what you look like underneath?
I don’t. There are like no pictures of me without it.

It’s kind of hippieish.
I wouldn’t say I’m a hippie. That word is so loaded. I mean, am I for peace and love? Absolutely. But I’m not wearing patchouli.

Colin Donahue, Set Designer and Bar Owner