Michelle Jean-Pierre, Assistant Manager at Roberto Cavalli

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Nice bag.
Yeah, it’s Fendi, and it’s embroidered with green python. I love skins.

Does it matter that you’re carrying a line you don’t work for?
Nope, I’m allowed to wear whatever. If Cavalli gave me stuff for free, it’d be a different story maybe.

Do people ever say you look like a model?
Yes. Of course, it’s flattering, and I did try to be a model a number of years ago. I went to Elite, I went to Ford, but there’s a thing, even now, about black models.

Do you wear a lot of monochromatic outfits?
No. But when it’s warm, I do wear a lot of white. I’ve noticed with the collections there’s a lot more winter white. For me, this outfit, I just feel fresh and alive.

You’re so upbeat.
I grew up in the Caribbean, and there, a lot of times, you don’t grow up with much, but you live with what you have and you enjoy that.

What else do you enjoy?
I travel. I was just in Ibiza for three weeks. I’m interested in D.J.’s. I feel like they have a talent, and a lot of it is healing.

I assume you go out a lot in New York.
Yeah. Kiss & Fly, Cipriani’s, 1 Oak. You know, everywhere. It’s actually good for work, because when I’m out, I see a lot of my clients.

At the store, do you ever tell people they look good when they don’t?
No. If something doesn’t look good, I’ll say, “Move on.”

Michelle Jean-Pierre, Assistant Manager at Robert […]