Julie Dale, Gallery Owner

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

How would you categorize this outfit?
It’s a duster with pants. I bought it at Shack, Inc., a store in Tribeca that no longer exists, just after 9/11. I liked the line of it and the odd color. I liked that I could layer it up and make it warmer.

How did you become a gallerist?
I wanted to combine my loves of art history and fashion. This was way back in the early seventies. At that time, many people were doing things by hand, and there was a crafts revival of sorts. Now, all these years later, there’s a kind of throwback to that era.

I take it you hang out with a pretty arty crowd.
I’m married to an actor who has done quite a bit of Broadway, so, yes.

Is he famous?
Well, if you were in the theater, you’d know him. His name is Jim Dale. He won a Tony for Barnum. He’s been doing a lot of audiobook recordings, including all the Harry Potter books. We met in the gallery; he was over here with the National Theatre performing in Scapino. It was probably before you were born.

Are stage actors as self-important as they’re rumored to be?
No, I don’t think you can say that. Sometimes when people are trying to protect their privacy, it can be misinterpreted as pompous. Privacy is our most prized possession.

Do you feel like I’m invading yours?
I wasn’t expecting all this, but I trust you’ll use discretion.

Julie Dale, Gallery Owner