Tiqon “T.J.” Lediard Jr., First-Grader

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Hi, T.J. Thanks for talking to me on the phone. How are you?

That was a nice uniform you had on today. Do you like wearing it?
No, I like gym clothes. I like purple and silver. I’d like to wear purple-and-silver gym clothes all day.

What games do you play in gym class?
You mean gym sports? I like playing volleyball. I’m good. And I’m a good snowboarder already. I can snowboard all the way down when I’m older.

How much older?
When I’m 13. But I’m not 13, I’m still 6! I’m going to get older soon, I think.

What other sports do you like?
We played relay race, and I won. I’m fast; I can catch them. I’m the fastest in my class. I’m super-fast. I’m super-super-super-fast.

Do you like watching TV?
I don’t like the Cartoon Network. I like to watch Noggin. You can see shows like Blue’s Clues or Franklin—everything!

Why don’t you like the Cartoon Network?
Umm … Bye!
[Dial tone]

Tiqon “T.J.” Lediard Jr., First-Grader