Jennifer Martin, D.J., Hair Stylist

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Do people tell you that you look like Samantha Ronson?
Yeah, a homeless woman came into my work the other day and told me I looked like Lindsay’s girlfriend. I kept thinking she was saying, “Lizzie’s girlfriend.” But then I figured it out, and I was like, whatever, get out of here, lady.

Is Ronson your inspiration?
I don’t base how I dress on her, but I can see how people think that. Maybe it’s just that we both like music a lot. I’m 23, so I was really young during the grunge era, but I was still into it.

Were your parents fine with you being a grunge-kid?
My parents are cool—they’re very young, so they’re pretty liberal. My mom’s only like 40, I think. She had me when she was 16. Crazy, right? She’s kind of like a hippie.

Where did you grow up?
In Hawaii.

So you must be happy about our president-elect.
I do feel a special kinship with him. I spoke to my mom yesterday, and she said it’s completely insane in Hawaii right now.

How did you celebrate?
One of my friends had an election party at her house in Williamsburg, and we danced, played music, and drank wine. We cut up hot dogs and mixed them with really nice cheese and ate them bite-size. They were good. In this economy, you have to be creative.

Jennifer Martin, D.J., Hair Stylist