Adam Kautz, Drummer

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

What kind of band do you play in?
It’s called Electric Tickle Machine. It’s a five-piece with two guitars, drums, a synthesizer, and a crazy dancing percussionist guy.

Is that you?
No, I’m the drummer. But we have another guy who plays tambourine and jumps around. As far as the music, it’s kind of like garage rock, but modernized.

How’s the camaraderie within the band?
It’s good and weird. A lot of people have been comparing us, personality-wise, to the Spice Girls, because they’re all different characters tied up in one group.

Which Spice Girl are you?
Scary Spice, because I have an Afro at times. And I like leopard print.

If the band fails, what’ll you do?
My fallback plan is happiness.

That doesn’t sound very practical.
I’m not going to school to learn to be something that I don’t care to do. I’m always going to want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and music and the creative scene.

Hopefully the band will do well, then.
We’re about to go on tour in the U.K. We just recorded a song with this Welsh singer named Mared Lenny, called “Women Are the New Men.”

Are they?
Well, the song’s about an evolved woman, and about a guy who’s just a slacker, who’s trying to take the free ride.

Ever found yourself in that position?
Yeah, kind of. I have a girlfriend, so I’m not homeless. I’m in good hands.

Adam Kautz, Drummer