Daniela Barnes, Stylist

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Not to offend you, but is that a wig?
Yes, I always wear wigs; I have dozens and dozens. I use them for my styling. But I also like to wear them myself.

It’s a way to transform yourself and adopt a totally different personality. Blonde, red, short, long— I do it every day.

What type of styling do you do?
Recently, I’ve done a few photo shoots with small children, and I put them in high heels and wigs.

Sounds a little risqué.
Maybe in America. I’m from Germany. I came to New York about eight years ago. I have a studio on 29th Street and a house up in Woodstock— it’s a magic place.

Do you do work up there?
My man and I, we’re both artists, so there’s always something in creation in our cottage.

What does he think about the wigs?
He loves them. When we first met, each time he saw me, I looked completely different. I can imagine it was a turn-on, because he had a different girl every day. It feels like I can keep him more easily, because I can be whatever he wants me to be.

Doesn’t that worry you?
No, he’s adorable and I always get to choose. I also have mustaches for men. I put them on my man. Maybe I can dress you up?

That’s okay.
Just one more thing: I know this sounds so like a girl, but I want to say that I’m four months pregnant. I don’t want people to think I’m just fat!

Daniela Barnes, Stylist