Ines Ayari, Parisian Tourist

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Interview translated from the French.

How long was your trip?
Fifteen days. I came to do some shopping with my husband and my 3-month-old baby, Nahla, and to see my cousin. Visiting New York was great; the people were so friendly!

What did you buy here?
I bought a lot. Souvenirs, postcards, a license plate, a key ring, Obama pins, an Obama onesie, lots of designer clothes, shoes, boots. I loved the doughnuts, muffins, cookies, hot dogs, the coffee shops.

Who do you think has better style, New Yorkers or Parisians?
I find that New Yorkers are more open in their style, that they are less prudish than the Parisians. Everyone lives their own life without any preconceptions. I think that’s really, really good.

What’s your hat made from?
My hat is fox, as well as my scarf. It keeps me really warm.

Ines Ayari, Parisian Tourist