Martin Cohn, Student-Model

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

What kind of modeling do you do?
I do a lot of the weirder stuff, ’cause I don’t look like everyone. I recently did this shoot for Interview magazine. It was an Andy Warhol issue and they did a spread about the Warhol women and I got to be Candy Darling.

People must confuse you for a woman a lot.
Almost every day. It’s not so much about being androgynous; it’s more about being a person and not boxing yourself into anything. Life is so much more fun when you just let go, and do the first thing that pops into your head. Go take the water taxi if you’ve never taken it. Go to the fucking Target in Brooklyn if you’ve never been to it.

That doesn’t sound so adventurous.
I don’t get out of the city that much.

Interview by Emma Rosenblum

Martin Cohn, Student-Model