Misfit Dior (a.k.a. Laeticia Harrison-Roberts), Rapper

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Misfit Dior?
Where I’m from, in the U.K., they call you “fit” if you’re hot. And since I’m a white-girl rapper, Misfit worked. And Dior I got ’cause it’s my favorite brand.

When did you start rapping?
When I was about 12, but I was never really serious about it until I met Proof, who was in the rap group D12 with Eminem. He taught me how to write to a beat and count bars.

Do you have an album?
I’m working on one—my single is coming out next week. It’s called “Mr. Plastic.” It’s about going shopping with credit cards.

Doesn’t sound very recession-friendly.
Maybe, but I’m sure there are a lot of rich girls who’ll want to listen to it. Or maybe it’s more like positive thinking—like, soon the whole recession will be over and people can be more careless with their credit cards again.

Misfit Dior (a.k.a. Laeticia Harrison-Roberts), Rapper