Bill Thompson, Photographer, and Lucy

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

So, about that parrot
Her name’s Lucy. She’s a hyacinth macaw. I found her through a breeder in California.

And she lives where?
During the week, she stays at my ex-wife’s house. Then I have her during the weekends.

Is she a good companion?
Well, she needs a lot of attention. She gets very upset if I get on the phone or go on the computer. When she starts screaming, it sounds like a woman in distress. It sounds a little suspicious.

How old will she live to be?
She could live to be 100. My daughter says I have to find somebody else to take care of Lucy when I’m gone. There has always been sibling rivalry between the two of them.

Interview by Emma Rosenblum

Bill Thompson, Photographer, and Lucy