Waiting for Pablo

L-R: Ellen Nathan Singer, Alician Rodriguez-LealPhoto: Spencer Heyfron

Ellen Nathan Singer, Artist
Have you ever waited in a line this long for a gallery show?
I’ve never waited in line for a gallery at all!

Is it worth it?Oh, for heaven’s sake, twenty minutes? For Picasso, not a big deal.

Alicia Rodriguez-Leal, Lawyer
You’re here with a very international crowd. How do you know so many people from so many countries?
My husband is Italian, but he lives part time in Mexico for his job. I met my other friends through my Italian friend from Brussels who also lives in Mexico.

L-R: Olivia Marjoram, Neige Rousset, and Sohee NaPhoto: Spencer Heyfron

Olivia Marjoram, Fashion Assistant
You just moved here from Ireland four months ago? What are you going to do?
I’m starting an organic children’s-birthday-party business. You spend the day in the park with the kids. I bring watercolor paints and food from the farmers’ market in Union Square.

Neige Rousset, Textile Designer
Do you wear your own designs?
I would, but it’s hard to look for them in shops. They come out a year after you design them. I get most of my clothes at H&M or Zara. I can’t really afford much.

Sohee Na, Student from Korea
You came a long way to see this.
It was a good chance for me, because this exhibition was not in my plan. I also went to MoMA, but this had only Picasso, so I was very satisfied. And it was free!

L-R: Larch Fidler, Eva Rubinstein, Georgia Zinn, and Jean-François FrayssePhoto: Spencer Heyfron

Larch Fidler, English Teacher
How many bow ties do you own?
Oh, my goodness, I would say probably at least 50.

Eva Rubinstein, Photographer
Have you always been interested in art?
I come from a family of artists. My father was Arthur Rubinstein, the pianist; my younger brother is an actor, John Rubinstein. I was on Broadway— I played Margot in The Diary of Anne Frank. In 1967, I started taking pictures just before I got divorced.

Did that have anything to do with your divorce?
No, not at all.

Georgia Zinn, High-School Student from Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Did your family drag you to this exhibit?
My dad wanted to go. He was reading about Picasso. I’ve been a painter since I was really, really young. I finger-painted when I was, like, 3.

Jean-François Fraysse, Restaurant Owner
Do you have strong feelings about Picasso?
I think at one time Picasso said, “It took me a few years to be a painter, and it takes me my whole life to paint like a child,” and I think he realized that in the end.

Waiting for Pablo