Cariad Harmon, Musician

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Cariad’s an interesting name. What does it mean?
It means “darling” in Welsh. My family are Welsh way back, although I’m English. My grandmother’s name is as Welsh as it gets, Myfanwy.

As a musician, where do you go in the city to hear music?
I tend to go to little clubs: Rockwood Music Hall, Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn. I went to Brooklyn Yard for a party the other day—Sunday’s Best, it was called. There was a D.J., and I was celebrating some friends’ birthdays.

What kind of music do you make?
I’m a singer-songwriter, so it’s acoustic, folksy, rootsy stuff.

What do you write about?
I think most pop songs are about love. The songs on my new album came at the end of a journey for me.

And what was that?
It was a journey though numerous relationships with various peoples and substances. I found that I wanted to devote myself to music. And not party quite so much.

Interview by Emma Rosenblum

Cariad Harmon, Musician