Patrick McDonald, Fashion Consultant

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

So you’re about to be on a reality show.
Yes, I’m coming out on a Bravo show in December called Launch My Line. It’s a competition show between ten people vying to launch their own fashion lines. I’m one of the contestants.

Sounds familiar.
It is a different kind of show—I didn’t have to live with the other contestants. I’m a little old for that.

Read anything interesting lately?
Someone just gave me a book called The Beautiful Fall, about Lagerfeld and St. Laurent in the seventies, which I’m very excited to read.

Your whole world revolves around fashion, doesn’t it.
It does. I mean, people might think that’s frivolous, but we do love to dress, so why not dress well?

Interview by Emma Rosenblum

Patrick McDonald, Fashion Consultant