Sung Andersen, Nonprofit Fund-raiser

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Are you a full-time Manhattanite?
We have a farm in New Jersey—I have horses and donkeys, and my husband has pigs.

Why don’t you share pigs?
He’s selling them as meat—I have a hard time watching them every day and then eating them.

Where did you grow up?
South Korea, but I’ve been in New York since I was 16. I think I got my style from Korea, especially the headband look. I don’t like hair on my face, so I wear a lot of bows and headbands and ribbons.

Back to the pigs … Is that what your husband does for a living?
No, it’s not a major source of income, though we do sell to some major restaurants. Daniel Boulud bought some the other day.

Interview by Emma Rosenblum

Sung Andersen, Nonprofit Fund-raiser