Pandhora Williams, Fabrizio Grasso, and Noah Williams Grasso

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Where are you from?
FABRIZIO: I came here from Italy in 2003 to work for the summer, and that’s when I met Pandhora, my wife. We did back and forth for a year and a half, then I moved to New York for good. I was a lawyer in Italy, but in order to work here, I had to go back to school, get my master’s in law, then take the bar.

How did you meet Pandhora?
In a bar. Maybe it’s atypical to end up the way it did—with a little kid. That’s what you call love at first sight. Next year, we’re going to put Noah in preschool, and it’s a new world for me— in Italy, we don’t have this kind of school. In addition to the cost, the procedure is insane. I didn’t even know I had to interview

Maybe they’ll like you because you’re an attractive, international couple.
I hope so!

Did you ever think you’d end up with a Jamaican singer?
Well, I tend to stay away from women who do what I do. And Pandhora’s special. That’s the main part for me.

Interview by Emma Rosenblum

Pandhora Williams, Fabrizio Grasso, and Noah Will […]