Maud Yeddou, Actress

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

So you’re visiting from Paris?
Yes, I’ve been here for a month doing some work—I’m in some experimental videos with [artist] Anton Perich —but I’ve been having a bad week.

What happened?
Well, my bag was stolen last week from The Box, so I had to replace everything, and then my mobile was stolen again this week from 1Oak. Then my flight was delayed because of the snowstorm. I shouldn’t be talking to you right now, I should be on my way back to Paris. Instead, I’m here until tomorrow.

How did you get robbed twice?
Well, first my bag was stolen by some girls. I think they must have been jealous. I was going to meet a promoter in the club, and maybe they thought I was a model or something, and instead of being friends with me they took my bag. Then someone took my BlackBerry from my bag.

You need to hold your bag when you’re out.
I know, I was looking at it, and then it was just gone. But I think there’s a reason for everything.

And what’s the reason for the snowstorm and your canceled flight?
I think so that I could talk to you. Exactement!

Interview by Emma Rosenblum

Maud Yeddou, Actress