Zarius Durant, Sales and Marketing Executive

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Is this a normal look for you?
I wear a bow tie every day. It’s a very official look and a cut away from the standard necktie. I’ve amassed quite a lot of them, about 70.

Do other people in your office wear bow ties?
Oh, no. I am the only one. It’s more of a conversation piece. The typical question is, “Do you tie that yourself?” And of course I do.

What do you like to do on the weekends?
I’m an avid outdoorsman: I travel, I fish. If I’m local, I’ll go out to Sag Harbor to fish, but ideally I like to go off the California coast, where I’m from.

Do you wear a bow tie while you fish?
I do not. I tone it down on the weekends. Sometimes, though, I’ll wear it on special occasions.

Like dates?
Actually, I’m married, though I’m on the way to divorce.

I’m sorry. Is it because of all of the bow ties?
Definitely not.

Interview by Emma Rosenblum.

Zarius Durant, Sales and Marketing Executive