Janis Donnaud, Literary Agent

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

What kind of agency do you run?
I’m one of the top two or three agents in New York for culinary books: chefs, restaurants, narratives about food.

What do you do during your downtime?
I love to travel, garden, go antiquing.

Where’s the best place to buy antiques in New York?
Um, eBay? Yes, you buy it without seeing it in the third dimension, but there are a zillion pictures, and you get stuff for about half the cost.

Do you always wear so much green?
My client Kim Gross, who did a whole series of books called “Chic Simple,” once asked me, “What do you think about when you get dressed in the morning?” And I said, “Milton Avery, the painter!” I get dressed with color. Though this outfit is a little crazier than my norm.

Interview by Emma Rosenblum.

Janis Donnaud, Literary Agent