Ilona Smithkin, Art Teacher

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

That’s quite a colorful outfit.
It gives me pleasure to combine colors. Here’s some advice: If you ever have a hot date and you feel lousy, dress very flamboyant, because nobody looks at you; they’ll look at your accessories.

I’m not sure that would work for me.
Well, I used to have an inferiority complex, but I came into my own.

What happened?
I have something to offer: I can teach, and I can entertain. I do something called “The Eyelash Cabaret.” I sing some Marlene Dietrich, some Edith Piaf, some American songs. I cut hair from my own head and paste it to my eyes for the show. And I do it myself!

Interview by Emma Rosenblum

Ilona Smithkin, Art Teacher