Finn Morrison, First-Grader

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

You’re so stylish. Do you pick out your own clothes for school?
Yeah. They’re in my closet. I pick them out, actually.

You seem to be pretty good at matching.

What’s your favorite color?

What about blue?

What’d you do at school today?
We learned about snails.

So you met snails right up close, in person?

Were they disgusting?
They were nice.

Are snails your favorite animal?
No, a monkey is.

Why’s that?
’Cause they’re funny and they jump around.

Got any pets?

Want one?

A monkey?
Yep. But my dad doesn’t really want a pet. Dad, do you want a pet monkey?
Dad: No.

Interview by Rachel Baker

Finn Morrison, First-Grader