Leslie Rousell, Psychotherapist, and Charles H. Rousell, Psychiatrist

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

How long have you been married?
Leslie: Heading on 36 years.

Do you find that you’re always psychoanalyzing each other?
I’m not the professional to him, and he’s not the professional to me. We have to be free in our relationship, let things slide.

Do you think you’ve come to look alike over the years?
Maybe. It’s like people and their dogs— it’s unconscious.

Do you have a dog that looks like you, too?
Unfortunately, he predeceased us. He was a very loved dog, a Jack Russell named Polar.

As in “bipolar”?
I’ve never thought of it that way.

Are your tastes the same in other realms, like, say, movies?
Not necessarily. He likes more abstract films. I’m more character-driven.

Do you have trouble choosing what to watch?
Well, we both like dark. Deep and dark.

Interview by Rachel Baker

Leslie Rousell, Psychotherapist, and Charles H. R […]