Terry “Coyote” Murphy, Park Ranger and Building-Maintenance Guy

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

I see you’re topless.
I am.

But it’s starting to get cold out here!
I do layer up in the winter. But if I can find a spot with sun and no wind, I’ll take it off. I do everything to stay comfortable.

Do you braid your own hair?
Yes, every day.

Could you do mine?
I’m really not a hairstylist. I can do it this way, but if you ask me to do it another way, well, you wouldn’t want to.

Ever wear it down?
At home, or during some photo shoots.

You’re a model too?
I’ve done a few magazines that sell overseas.

So it’s like a second job?
It’s like a third job: park ranger, building maintenance, and entertainment.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Terry “Coyote” Murphy, Park Ranger and Building-M […]