Liesje Kraai, Animator

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

It seems you’re into black cats.
I own one. His name is Behemoth.

Is he actually a behemoth?
Yes, he’s a Maine coon mix, and he has seven toes on each foot.

Were you specifically in the market for a seven-toed cat?
It was kind of a bonus. I certainly had dreams of one day owning one. Then I found him on Petfinder, and I was like, Sold!

Do you have a lot of cat getups, or is this more for Halloween?
I have a couple of cat shirts. I try to collect good ones that aren’t quite tipping toward scary cat-lady land.

What will you be for Halloween?

And Behemoth?
He always wears a white bow tie, so I think he’s set.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Liesje Kraai, Animator