Night at the Museum

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Nice suit.
My dad got it for me.

Do you wear it a lot?
No. I wore it on Halloween and now here. I just wanted to be different so no one could think I’m a real person.

Does everyone think you’re a superhero?
No. Did you know they’re not real, superheroes?

Yep, superheroes aren’t real; they don’t even have superpowers.

Huh. See anything cool at the museum?
I just went dancing.

What did you dance to?

Where’d you learn to dance like that?
I just made it up.

Do you dance with girls?

—Carter Adams, Kindergartener

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

What’s up with your glasses?
There’s no glass. Just a frame.

It’s to dress up a little bit. It’s more fashion.

Where are you from?
Beijing. I moved here two years ago. Here I can change everything about my style.

Such as?
Before I moved here my hair was really short. It’s more fashion now.

—Yi Cao, Sculptor and Photographer

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

First time here?
Yeah, I’ve been hearing a lot about it. It’s nice and relaxed, not like when you go to a museum and feel like you have to be intelligent.

Done any dancing?
There are a lot of kids around, which is weird for me. Like, the dance floor is really cool, and the D.J. and the music is good, and then—oops, kids!

And you’re not into joining them?
Not really, no.

—Laura Cima, Office Administrator

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

You seem quite at home here.
Yeah, my girlfriend and I bring my two sons once or twice a month.

Do your sons dress as stylishly as you do?
I try to work my accessories into their outfits. I’ll throw a little bow tie on it.

—Rupert Stoddart, Construction Worker

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

How did you two meet?
Emily: He came up to me in American Apparel and started talking to me.

Is he your boyfriend?
Not officially, but it seems like it’s definitely going that way. I don’t want to be pushy.

—Emily Bragg, Art Student, and Mel de los Santos, Art Director

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Your hair is great.
I’ve had dreads for twelve years. When I’m at work I usually wrap it up. But I let my hair down for Brooklyn.

What kind of engineer are you?
I’m an electrical engineer. People always think I’m in art or something. I just like nice clothes.

Who are you here with?
Myself. I usually know a few people or meet people when I’m here.

Found any cute ones?
There’s a pack of guys prowling around, and I’ve seen a lot of fawners. But I’m not looking to meet anyone.

—Francheska Wilson, Engineer

Night at the Museum