Tony Tux, Radio Host

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Is your last name really Tux?
No, it’s a nickname that started maybe ten years ago, when I rented a tux for a wedding and ended up wearing it for five straight days.

And now you wear one all the time?
When I go out in a tux, I’m ready to make mistakes. Life is crazier in a tuxedo.

Seems like an expensive habit.
I bought a Gucci tux once for $2,200. But I’ve also gotten a tuxedo jacket for free from a homeless guy. I traded him my shirt for his jacket, which was gray with a black satin lapel.

Ever just go casual and wear a tuxedo T-shirt?
Never. My two pet peeves are tuxedo T-shirts and guys who don’t know how to tie a bow tie.

Got any New Year’s Eve plans?
Not exactly, but I know what I’ll be wearing.

Interview by Lauren Murrow.

Tony Tux, Radio Host