Jonathan Bodrick, Boutique Owner

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

How often do you wear sweatpants?
Maybe four times a week.

How luxurious.
I’m able to because I own my own shop, a vintage store called JB B.O.R.N. in Harlem. So I can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

What does “JB B.O.R.N.” stand for?
My name, then it’s “Borrowed. Old. Refurbished. New.”

Ah, I get it. What’s in the backpack?
I’m carrying the book that I’m reading: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It’s about finances and ways to invest wisely. And I always have bottled water and a granola bar. I like a caramel cluster with fiber. Nature Valley brand.

So healthy! Do you work out?
I do a lot of stretches and light weights.

Do you wear your sweats at the gym?
Oh, no! It’s a whole different look at the gym: It’s shorts. It’s a tank top.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Jonathan Bodrick, Boutique Owner