Emlyn Bunn, Fashion Designer and Illustrator

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Are you wearing anything underneath that coat?
Just a black silk dress from the sixties.

Do you exclusively wear black and white?
No, but I go for bold—black, white, the primaries.

So you don’t believe in the no–white–after–Labor Day thing?
No, I don’t. I think white’s an all-year-round thing.

Is white hair an all-year thing?
I was bright red, then I was brown, then I just bleached it white. I love looking completely washed out, almost like a ghost.

Where do you live?
In Greenpoint, with my boyfriend. He’s a butcher and a chef. And I’m a vegetarian. Our freezer’s stocked with every cut of meat, and pig heads and lamb heads.

Are you sure that, as a vegetarian, you’re really compatible with this butcher?
We both like old-world stuff. I wear ­​vintage, and he’s a butcher and wears a jean shirt and an apron every day. It works out.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Emlyn Bunn, Fashion Designer and Illustrator