Dandy Wellington, Bandleader and Producer

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Dandy is a nickname, I presume?
It’s a brand name.

Why do you need a brand name?
I think branding is the most important thing in the world. It’s the essence of every company and everything that we consume.

What are you selling?
I’m a producer, a performer, a bandleader. I have a jazz band, a five-to-seven-piece New Orleans–Harlem Renaissance situation.

What’s it called?
Dandy Wellington and His Band. Keep it simple.

Does the rest of the band dress like you?
They all dress pretty sharp, and that’s definitely the No. 1 requirement to be in it. My drummer, for instance, is a really dashing girl.

So music comes second?
Well, they also have to be some of the greatest players that I can find, for sure.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Dandy Wellington, Bandleader and Producer