Roberto Antonio, Marine and Artist

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

What kind of art do you do?
Mixed media—silk-screening, printmaking.

And what’s your subject matter?
I would sum it up by saying New York street life—anything from your average homeless person to the flyest cat on the corner.

Is art your full-time job?
My other job is being in the Marines. I’m a busy guy.

You’re such a snappy dresser—I can’t imagine you in uniform!
I’m usually in fatigues or my dress uniform five days a week, and then I’m on call on weekends for doing a color guard or burying a veteran.

How’d you get into bow ties?
I always liked that Orville Redenbacher look. I have about 65 of them.

Do your friends in the Marines realize how stylish you are?
Oh, yeah, they laugh. Their idea of getting dressed up is wearing a collared shirt and slacks and shoes. I look at that as what you wear to go to court to beat a ticket.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Roberto Antonio, Marine and Artist