Vera Meat, Jewelry-Shop Owner

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

You sure look ready for Halloween.
I’m so excited. I’m going to dress up, like, all week long.

What is it about Halloween that you love so much?
To me, it’s kind of a shamanistic respect for the unknown. And I just like wearing anything I want and having that be accepted in society for a day.

Can’t you always wear what you want in New York?
Well, I recently found out that you can go topless here. When I was 12, I went camping and was running around without my shirt on, and my mom got in trouble. But now, here, I’d be fine.

Where’d you grow up?
Europe, mostly, because my dad was in film. Then Utah. When I got to be 14, I started modeling and moved to New York by myself. I would spearhead childhood missions on my own. I would steal candy from stores.

Oh, you were one of those 14-year-olds.
I was a badass. A dirty, badass model.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Vera Meat, Jewelry-Shop Owner