Ginger Jones, Menswear Designer

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Is that a motorcycle helmet?
Yeah, I actually ride a moped.

If you were to name your moped, what would you name it?
I took off all the branding so it’s just black. And I had this dog when I was a kid named Kohl because he was black like the Egyptian eyeliner. So we can name it Kohl.

Well done. Do you have a dog now?
No, no dog. I actually rescued a baby squirrel a few months ago. But I named him Jerome.

And he still lives with you?
No, I passed him off to a wildlife rehabilitator. I felt bad, but it’s like when humans get sentimental and start thinking they can keep tigers and stuff. It works out for a couple months, but that thing is wild.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Ginger Jones, Menswear Designer