Lynne Uy, Fashion Consultant, and Gene Uy, Menswear Designer

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Have you always worn all black?
Lynne: Since I lived in Hawaii, where we grew up. Though all black doesn’t really look good in Hawaii.

How long have you two been together?
Gene: Oh, a long time. Since the early nineties.
Lynne: I stopped telling people that. I just say “over ten years.”

Are you sensitive about your ages?
Gene: Yeah, we keep it close.
Lynne: I just say “old enough to stay out of trouble.”

How did you meet?
Gene: We met at one of my parties when I used to live across the river in New Jersey.

Was it love at first sight?
Lynne: No, it was just kind of like, Oh, someone else from Hawaii!

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Lynne Uy, Fashion Consultant, and Gene Uy, Menswe […]