Bladie Flowness, Hip-Hop Ice Dancer

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

You’re a regular at the Bryant Park skating rink, but what do you do when the winter’s over?
I skate with Central Park Roller Skaters in the summer.

Do you give lessons?
I offer the first in-home training on in-line skates. You know how they have the Jane Fonda fitness videos? I taped myself on a $5 piece of wood with a mirror for an hour. You want me to mail you a DVD?

That’s okay. Do the same instructions apply to ice-skating?
It’s a different head game. The steps are the same, but you can’t annunciate them so much or you will bust your ass.

If you had to pick only one—ice-skating or roller-skating—which would you choose?
Ice-skating. You know why? The idea of hip-hop ice-skating is too new. It’s just the coolest thing happening. Right now, I have zero competition. That’s how new it is.

I bet you pick up a lot of ladies.
I challenge that word. That’s typical guy stuff. Let’s just say I’m a skate diplomat.

Interview by Rachel Baker.

Bladie Flowness, Hip-Hop Ice Dancer