The Look Book Goes to Paris: Serena de Mouroux-Phelan, Ninth-Grader

Photo: Kamel Lahmadi

You live in Paris, but I’m not detecting any French accent.
Well, I lived in L.A. for twelve years.

How are you liking it?
It’s okay, but I prefer L.A. You have to walk less.

You prefer sitting in traffic to walking?
I prefer the car.

Do you have a boyfriend?

But French boys are so cute!
Yeah, there are some. But not as many as in L.A.

I disagree! How about the food situation?
I think I prefer the food in Paris because it’s maybe healthier.

Any idea what you want to do when you grow up?
I want to be an actress. I do theater now. I sing and dance and things like that.

Who’s your favorite actor?
Hugh Grant.

He’s not very L.A.-looking. What about Justin Bieber?
Not my thing.

Interview by Rachel Baker

The Look Book Goes to Paris: Serena de Mouroux-Ph […]